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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans in Perth

Hey Sparks Loyal and new customers

After nearly 5 years of opening we have finally decided to raise our coffee bean prices. This wasn’t a decision taken lightly but I can no longer afford to absorb any more rising costs which are happening worldwide affecting the price of coffee.  

The logistical nightmare of worldwide shipping and container availability and extreme increases in costs for containers to be shipped. Going from roughly $1500-2000USD per container to $10,000USD. Whilst the line shipping companies are posting record profits. 

Also, rising commodity coffee prices (which is needed) and supply and harvest shortages due to drought and then frost has crippled harvest potential for many countries. Others have seen economic turmoil and political dissent and even outright conflict like in Ethiopia which has caused crippling effects to the people as well as supply lines and product availability.

All this leads to higher premiums needed to be paid for producers wanting to sell “specialty” coffee. Otherwise with the price so high they are receiving more money than previous premiums and don’t even need to process their coffees to a higher grade. We are seeing this happen in Colombia. 

At Sparks, we will always give you the best coffee we can never substitute for an inferior or commodity-grade product. We guarantee freshness and a service you cannot get in a supermarket or online. We hope to help you continue your coffee journey for many years to come.  

Also, Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to know more.  

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