Brew Guides – Coffee Brew Guide Hario V60 Pour-over

Hario V60 Brewing kit

Items needed:

To make Coffee Brew Guide Hario V60 you need?

  • Hario V60 02
  • Hario Filters
  • Pour Over Kettle
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee Scale
  • Clean Water
  • Filter Coffee Beans
  • Timer

For this recipe, we will use the following:

  • 18g Coffee Beans (medium-fine grind)
  • 240ml Water (also happens to be 240g)

Step 1. Bring a kettle of water to 95° Celsius, fold the stitching of the Hario V60 filter over, set the filter into the cone, and pour some water over the filter. This preheats your brewing vessel and decanter (or mug) and washes any residual papery taste from the paper filter. Make sure you throw out that rinse water before you move on – you don’t want to drink that.

Step 2. Grind your coffee beans at a medium-fine setting. Your finished grounds should resemble table salt – not powdery, but not very distinct. Add the grounds to your V60 and give the brewer a little shake so that the coffee bed is flat.

Step 3. Tare your scale and start a timer. It’s time to brew.

Step 4. With your water still just off the boil, begin the bloom phase by pouring about 50g of water onto the coffee grounds. Start on the outer edges and pour in a circle towards the middle. This stage of brewing opens the coffee grounds up so that they can release carbon dioxide. Without the gas in the way, the grounds can now take in water for a balanced extraction.

Step 5. After 30 seconds have passed, begin pouring water over the coffee again with a slow, steady stream. Pour in small circles, moving in a larger circle around the entire coffee bed. Make sure you saturate all of the coffee grounds evenly.

Step 6. After a minute of pouring or so, you will reach your target of 240g of water. Stop pouring. From here, it’s up to gravity to finish the brewing.

Step 7. Once the brewed coffee has drained (probably after another 30 to 60 seconds), remove the V60 from your decanter, throw away the filter and grounds, and enjoy your well-earned cup of delicious coffee